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Structure. Employees.

The Competition Council members

Skaidrīte Ābrama

Jānis Račko
Council Member

Līga Daugaviete
Council Member

Under the subordination of Chairperson of the Competition Council perform two units:

  • Administrative Unit oversees and evaluates a variety of administrative programs and functions related to organization development and strategic planning. Responsible about human resources and budget planning.
  • Communication Unit provides public information on operation and results of the Competition Council, as well as provides information on enforcement of the competition law. Communication Unit organizes and manages international relations of the authority.

Executive body - the Executive Directorate

Executive Body ensures the work of the Competition Council. It performs tasks of secretariat and experts, prepares issues, documents and draft decisions for reviewing in meetings of the Competition Council and realises execution of decisions adopted by the Competition Council. The work of the Executive Body is managed by Executive Director, which is directly subordinated to the Chairperson of the Competition Council. The Executive Director of the Competition Council is Mr. Māris Spička

The organisational structure of the Competition Executive Directorate is created in order, to perform tasks laid down by the Competition Law, the Advertising Law and Unfair Retail Trade Practices Prohibition Law. Executive Directorate structural units:

  • Legal Department - elaborates regulatory enactments, represents the Competition Council in courts, provides legal support of institution and consultations
  • Analytical Department - examines applications and investigates possible violations of the Competition Law (dominant positions, mergers), prepare draft opinions and decisions. They manage supervision of competition environment in definite sectors of national economy
  • Cartel department – detects and prevents prohibited agreements, provides information and educates undertakings and budget authorities across Latvia
  • Economic Analysis Unit - provides methodological support during case investigations, as well as implements in-depth analysis of market processes during sector inquires.


Qualified personnel are one of the main factors, ensuring successful work of the Competition Council to reach its aims identified. The total number of employees is 49, including Chairperson of the Competition Council and Council Members.