On 5th December, the World Competition Day, the awarding ceremony at the Competition Council is attended by authors of essays, who participated in the essay contest for secondary school pupils and students “Progress starts where there is competition”, organised by the authority.

In their essays, secondary school pupils and students provided their vision about the significance of competition in their own daily development and in the overall development of the country.

The contest of essays was announced for two groups – secondary school pupils and economics and law students of bachelor and first level higher education study programmes.

Pupils and students from 20 Latvian regions took part in the essay contest, and the award for the best essays according to the contest regulation was received by the following pupils:


1st place – Anastasija Mašņuka from Ilukste Commonwealth Secondary School;

“When one sees a competitor, he is more motivated to become greater than them, to be completely involved, to think deeper, challenge himself.”


2nd place – Roberts Raismans from Bauska State Gymnasium.

 “Interesting that word “competitors” is often defined with a negative meaning. I believe that competition should not be taken as an offence or hateful behaviour, it is more like a healthy competition, without which person could not exist.”

 Whereas the best essays in the category of students were the works of the following students:


 1st place – Jana Vārpa from Turiba University;

“Development is impossible if it is prohibited to compete fairly. In modern state, everyone has an ability to prove himself or herself. The more competitors have the ability to compete, the better we will live. Competition is vitally important for the progress, but fair competition is even more important!”


2nd place – Sintija Beka from Alberta College.

“While competing, companies are developing, creating new technologies, strive for the best result and that is the right path towards a brighter future not only for us but also for our children.”


In their essays, pupils and students provided their vision about the necessity and significance of competition both at individual and public level.

Pupils and students emphasized – although competition has seemingly inconvenient nature, it should not be feared of. Taking part in the competition generates motivation to become better than competitors and look for new solutions to achieve the determined goals.

At the same time, the contest participants indicated the significance of fair competition in particular, which gives the highest benefit to the entire public.