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The Competition Council holds the 6th Lawyers' Forum

On 12 October, the Competition Council of Latvia (CC) held the 6th Lawyers' Forum, which has become a platform, where representatives of the CC and law offices meet on annual basis in order to discuss theoretical and practical issues regarding enforcement and interpretation of the Competition Law. Competition experts discussed current events of the area and looked...

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​Deficiencies in the system and cooperation among market participants limit availability of reimbursed medicines

During market study on distribution of reimbursed medicines, the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) discovered, that there are systemic problems both in the process of distribution and allocation of medicines, thus affecting availability of medicines to consumers. The data obtained during the consumer survey carried out by the CC in the spring of 2018 shows, that 87% of respondents h...

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Procurement organizers negligence facilitated bid-rigging by three amelioration sector companies

On 13 September the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) adopted a decision finding three amelioration companies – SIA “LIMBAŽU MELIO”, SIA “Bauskas meliorācija” and SIA “Meliorācijas eksperts” – liable for bid-rigging in tenders financed partly from European structural and investment funds. The infringement resulted in all companies receiving a total of 70 000 euros in fines.

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