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Directions of actions

Prohibited Agreements

Abuse of
dominant position

Merger control

Unfair retail

Competition distortions created by public administrative bodies

Promotion of
Competition culture


Termination of the competition for the position of the Chairperson of the Competition Council without a result reflects the insufficient financing

On 14 May, the State Chancellery terminated the competition for the position of the Chairperson of the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) without a result. The CC among other things, relates such outcome of the competition with the insufficiently low remuneration as opposed to the high job responsibilities. The CC has already for years raised alarm regarding the necessity to strengthen the Authority's financial...

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​The CC develops a self-assessment tool, aimed at facilitating assessment of participation of public administrative bodies in a capital company

In 2020, majority of public administrative bodies pursuant to Section 88 of the State Administration Structure Law (the SASL) are obliged to carry out assessment, whether their involvement in commercial activity through their owned capital companies is legally and economically justified. Since the assessment provides for the necessity to receive a conclusion of the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC), the author...

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The court confirms involvement of the local government company SIA “Rīgas satiksme” in the so-called nano water acquisition bid-rigging

On 20 April, the Administrative Regional Court left effective the decision adopted by the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC), according to which last year the authority detected a prohibited agreement concluded by the local government owne...

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