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Riga City Council groundlessly forces holders of Riga resident's card to use the municipal payment system

The Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) states that the existing procedure, where holders of Riga resident's card* can receive discounts on parking services in separate areas of the capital only when making payments through a municipal service provider, causes groundless restrictions both for consumers to choose the payment system that is most convenient for them, and for private entrepreneurs to offer their ser...

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The CC reproaches mobile operators about limiting consumer choice during roaming regulation changes

The Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) concluded, that separate mobile operators, while implementing the EU "roam like at home" rules last year, have promoted only those tariff plans that included the roaming services. The consumers, who are not travelling abroad, had only limited information available on possibilities of choosing cheaper tariffs, i.e., without roaming services, hereby...

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The CC proposes to open the vehicle technical condition control market for competition

During market supervision in the area of state technical inspection of vehicles, the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) detected, that the state groundlessly restricts possibilities of the private sector to provide one of the components of technical inspection – control of technical condition of vehicles. The CC warns, that by groundless restriction of the market development Latvia may infringe le...

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