The main aim of the Competition Council is to ensure possibility to every market participant to perform his economic activities in free and fair competition environment as well as to promote competition development in all sectors of national economy for the benefit of all society.


  • to supervise, how prohibition of abuse of dominant position and prohibited agreements, provided by the Competition Law, other regulatory enactments and international agreements, has been followed
  • to supervise whether public administrative bodies - state, local governments and undertakings owned by them - do not hinder competition
  • to supervise, how the Unfair Retail Trade Practices Prohibition Law has been followed in relations between retailers and suppliers 
  • to supervise, how the Advertising Law has been followed in cases when relevant damage to the competition can be done
  • to review notifications submitted on agreements of market participants and adopt decisions regarding these agreements
  • to restrict market concentration, to adopt decisions regarding mergers of market participants
  • to co-operate with corresponding institutions abroad accordingly to the competences of institution
  • accordingly to the competences of institution elaborate and under the defined procedure submit draft regulatory enactments to the Ministry of Economics
  • to inform society about activities of the Competition Council and its decisions as well as to publish these decisions in mass media
  • to prepare and to submit opinions on draft regulatory enactments examined by the Cabinet of Ministers, where issues of competition protection, maintenance or development are touched directly or indirectly
  • to submit written proposals or opinions (if necessary) on observation of competition protection, maintenance or development principles in cases of public or municipal undertakings (business entities) privatisation, re-organisation and de-monopolisation.