To promote creative lawyers' thinking and support the most diligent students of competition law, the law firm ZAB PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal (PwC Legal) in cooperation with the Competition Council of Latvia and the Riga Graduate School of Law announces a competition for research papers in competition law. The winner of the competition will receive a cash prize of € 1,000 from PwC Legal and the opportunity to do an internship at the Competition Council and other promotional prizes.

The participant's task is to prepare and submit a research paper on competition law, setting out a reasoned vision on the application of competition law based on legal considerations. The work can be prepared in Latvian or English, as well as it can be prepared directly for the contest, or it can be previously published or prepared within the study program.

Both bachelor's, master's and doctoral law students and practising lawyers born after January 1, 1996, are invited to participate in the competition.

Juris Gaiķis, Chairman of the Competition Council: “The Competition Council is confronted with day-to-day matters that are usually complex in both evidence and economic and legal assessment. Digitalisation is also currently a challenge in competition law, so evaluations and analysis of the development of competition law by diligent and talented young students and professionals could make a significant contribution to competition law. Also, it is essential that the fundamental principles of already established law remain predictable, based on the independent and evidence-based application of Competition Law. To assess and reward the scientific interest of young professionals in competition law, the Competition Council will also provide the winner with an internship at the institution, thus opening up new career opportunities.”

Māris Butāns, Head of the Competition and EU Law Practice Group at PwC Legal: “Cooperation with universities and students is very important to us, because this is where the industry's future professionals are made. PwC is a multidisciplinary company, and it is crucial for us to promote the quality of education, both in law and in other areas related to business. The knowledge and skills of the new experts are the ones that will later be reflected not only in the Latvian economy and business but will probably also carry our name in the world, so I look forward to seeing the new generation's vision in competition law. Despite many years of experience, we are always happy to listen to young people's ideas and get inspired, because often the boldest and seemingly unrealistic ideas can be realized in excellent projects.”

Dr. Laura Ratniece, Director of Bachelor's programs at Riga Graduate School of Law: “Research and development of scientific research papers are a very important part of the study process. Therefore, Riga Graduate School of Law welcomes the opportunity to promote research in the field of competition law and invites every student to consider participating in this competition.”

Prepared works must be submitted electronically between 22 November 2021 and 15 May 2022 by sending them to the e-mail address:

The commission will evaluate all submitted works, and by 25 May 2022, five finalists will be determined who has received the highest commission’s evaluation. Finalists will be invited to present their work to the commission by 10 June 2022. The winner of the competition will not only receive a cash prize but will also be offered an internship at the Competition Council.

In case of questions and uncertainties, don't hesitate to get in touch with Māris Butāns, Head of the Competition and EU Law Practice Group at PwC Legal, by e-mail: