Today, on 20 June, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia appointed Mrs Skaidrīte Ābrama for a second five-year term as Chairwoman of the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC).

The Chairwoman of the CC Mrs S. Ābrama: “I would like to thank all my colleagues for their continued support, enthusiasm, dedication and passion that makes our job so effective. The Competition Council has been working hard over the last five years to create a fairer competitive environment in Latvia. It involved both the courage to address increasingly complex infringements, eliminating minor infringements with alternative tools, and continuous work preventing infringements with informative activities. I am grateful for the trust and support from society and our partners. And with no doubts we will continue our commitment to ensure a possibility to every market participant to work in free and fair competition environment as well as to promote competition development in all sectors of national economy for the benefit of all society.”

The decision-making body of the CC consists of three officials – the Chairperson of the CC and two council Members. Currently duties of the council Member perform Mr Jānis Račko (appointed on 7 January, 2014) and Mr Ivars Kassalis (appointed on 20 September, 2016).