Today, on 20 September, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia appointed Mr Ivars Kassalis as the new Member Council of the Latvian Competition Council (the CC).

The competition commission recognized Mr Kassalis as the most qualified candidate for the position, highlighting his professional knowledge, the previous experience in international undertakings, and his acquired education – the Master’s degree in social sciences and the PhD in economics.

The Ministry of Economics which implemented the competition for the position considers that by appointing Mr Kassalis the operation of the CC and investigation processes of the competition law infringements concerning economic aspects will be significantly strengthened.

The decision-making body of the CC consists of three officials – the Chairperson of the CC and two council Members. Currently, the head of the CC is Ms Skaidrīte Ābrama (appointed on 12 June, 2012), while duties of the council Member performs Mr Jānis Račko (appointed on 7 January, 2014).

On 26 August, the second council Member Mr Valentīns Hitrovs terminated legal employment relations with the CC of his own free will.


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