The Competition Council (CC) has concluded sector inquiry into the market of realization of circulatory systems’ drugs. Within it, the CC analysed the structure and trends of the market, evaluated influencing factors of pricing, and availability and mutual effect of original and generic drugs.

Although the manufacturing level of drugs of heart and circulatory system’s diseases is not  characterized with large turnovers, the market is highly competitive. During the sector inquiry, no specific barriers for entering the relevant market of manufacturing, wholesale and retail of drugs of heart and circulatory system’s diseases were established. The number of market participants in wholesale has gradually increased and the competition is considered as sufficient.

During the sector inquiry, the CC performed price analysis of drugs with the international title Atorvastatin in the period of 2011–2013. The analysis led to conclusion that after original drug Sortis forfeited its patent protection, many manufacturers of generic drugs came into the market. No obstacles that could have hindered it were found. Furthermore, new market participants have increased their amount of sale at the expense of other biggest distributors of generic and original drugs.

As a result of competition pressure by manufacturers of generic drugs, prices of original drugs have decreased. Forecasting the development of the sector, only the biggest manufacturers will remain in the market of drugs of heart and circulatory systems’ diseases. The demand for Atorvastatin will be fully satisfied, at the same time the competition between manufacturers will retain.