On 27 November, the Chairwoman of the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) Skaidrīte Ābrama was elected as a Member of the Office of the OECD Competition Committee, thus becoming the first Eastern European representative, who will have a chance to participate in development of OECD competition policy programme and agenda.

These election results serve as evidence of world level experience and knowledge of the CC, as only 12 OECD member states out of 36 are represented at the Office. On 27 November, alongside long-standing Committee Members from the European Union, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Norway and Mexico there were elected representatives from Latvia, Switzerland and Korea, thus becoming the official team of the Committee for 2019.

Latvia represents the Eastern European jurisdiction, which has transformed its economy and enforced the competition policy in a short period of time, which is highly appreciated at international level. The election of A. Ābrama as the Office Member gives an opportunity for Latvia to become the “voice” of the new and active competition policy-makers on an international scale, encouraging to use innovative solutions for problem solving and pay particular attention to strategic planning, efficient operation of authorities and maintaining and extending of international relations.