On 29 June in Cēsis the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) invited visitors of widely known Latvian conversation festival “LAMPA” to take part in exciting strategic roleplay “Cartel”, where participants had a chance to step into shoes of honest and dishonest entrepreneurs. The purpose of this roleplay was to use an attractive approach to educate the participants about – cartels.  

Prohibited agreements of competitors on prices, participation in procurements, market and client distribution, etc. are compared to theft from the society, because such agreements may facilitate groundless increase of price of goods and services for on average 20%. To raise public awareness about the destructive influence of prohibited agreements on competition, the Competition Council has prepared a strategic roleplay “Cartel”.

In this roleplay, visitors of the festival “LAMPA” have a chance to experience the consequences of competition infringement, look for solutions to stop cartel, and to promote trust in the Competition Council in detection of infringements.

The play “Cartel” was one of the anti-fraud movement #Atkrāpies! activities, which invited the festival participants to discuss the basic principles of honest conduct. Also the Ministry of Finance, the State Revenue Service, the State Labour Inspectorate, the State Social Insurance Agency and the Employment State Agency engaged in the movement #Atkrāpies! through various games, discussions and knowledge tests, inviting participants to find answers for promotion of honesty and civic co-responsibility in Latvia.

The aim of the movement #Atkrāpies is to call the society to investigate and reconsider before getting tricked, to make inquiries before becoming a fraud victim, become more critical and evaluate risks, which may occur individually or which exist on a national scale, when fraud and shadow economy is promoted and tolerated.