On 16 December, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia took a decision to fine two hardwire suppliers SIA Expert Digital and SIASIA Hannu Digitalfor a cartel agreement in a public procurement. The fine was set in a total amount of 11 573 EUR.

Both cartel participants submitted tenders to the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau’s (CPCB) organized procurement of tablets and laptops. Tenders by both undertakings were visually similar and were signed by one person, which was at the time both board member of one and procuration holder of the other undertaking. Exchanging the information containing commercial secret regarding planned participation in a procurement, both undertakings eliminated genuine competition and misled the organizer.

During the investigation, both undertakings cooperated with the CC and pleaded liable to coordinating tenders in CPCB’s procurements.

After initiation of the case and under the Leniency Programme, SIASIA Hannu Digital pleaded liable and disclosed information on implementation of the infringement. Accordingly the fine to SIASIA Hannu Digital was reduced by 40%. Furthermore, the undertaking will not be prohibited to participate in procurements.

The fine to SIA Expert Digital was reduced by 10% as the CC recognized cooperation with the authority, freely disclosing matter of facts of the infringement as mitigating circumstances.

The CC initiated the investigation after receiving application by the CPCB


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