The Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) in cooperation with the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (the KNAB) and the Procurement Monitoring Bureau (the PMB) invites entrepreneurs, as well as procurement specialists of public and municipal authorities, to participate in the educational cycle of seminars “On Fair Entrepreneurship” in the largest cities of Latvia.

The objective of these seminars is to educate two target groups – representatives of public and municipal authorities, whose daily work is related to the procurement area, and entrepreneurs. The CC in cooperation with the KNAB and the PMB will allow organizers of public and municipal procurements to raise their knowledge on the procurement area and promote their operational efficiency. At the same time, entrepreneurs will have a chance to expand their knowledge about their rights in order to be able to successfully use the cooperation opportunities allowed by the law, to defend their interests, if the law is violated by another company, and to avoid law infringements due to lack of knowledge.

In order to provide the required knowledge, during these seminars:

the Director of the Prohibited Agreements Department of the CC Ieva Šmite-Antoņenko will inform representatives of public and municipal authorities about how prohibited agreements manifest themselves and how to detect agreed activities of procurement participants, thereby protecting own interests to receive an offer, which has won in the conditions of fair competition;The Head of Strategic Planning and Development of the CC Jūlija Linkeviča will acquaint entrepreneurs and representatives of societies and associations with the authority and its main directions of activity, and will inform on competition law issues that are topical for Latvian entrepreneurs;The Chief Specialist of the Policy Planning Division of the KNAB Inta Nolle will acquaint with causes for arising of corruption risks in public procurement procedures, as well as with measures for averting corruption risks and imposed criminal liability for corruptive criminal offences in the area of public procurements. The representative of the KNAB will also give suggestions on how to act in situations, if an official requests or extorts a payment;The Director of the Law Application Department of the PMB Monta Oga will draw attention to aspects of fair competition in public procurement procedures in the context of the new legal framework of public procurements. The representative of the PMB will also speak about applicants (candidates) exclusion conditions in relation to the disinterest issue, as well as about the aspect of higher level of openness in public procurements.

The educational seminars are organized in all largest cities of Latvia in 2017 and 2018:

Schedule of seminars in 2017

Planned schedule of seminars in 2018

5 April



23 May



19 September



12 October



24 October





Seminars “On Fair Entrepreneurship”, organized collectively by the CC, KNAB and PMB, take place in parallel to activities of the socially informative campaign “Anti-corruption Movement”, which is widely known with its developed campaign brand #atkrāpies!

The Anti-corruption Movement comprises authorities of Latvian state administration, which fight against fraud in various areas, as well as residents and organizations of Latvia, which stand against any types of fraud.

The seminar is free of charge, with prior electronic registration (in Latvian) –

More detailed information about the seminars (in Latvian):