In order to provide knowledge necessary for efficient operation of the state and municipalities, and for fair growth of entrepreneurship and safe operation on the market, the Competition Council collectively with the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau and the Procurement Monitoring Bureau will continue education of public procurement organizers and applicants about the types of infringements and imposed responsibility also in 2018.

The objective of seminars “On fair entrepreneurship”, which were started in 2017, is to educate two target groups – representatives of public and municipal authorities, whose daily work is related to the procurement area, and entrepreneurs. The Competition Council in cooperation with the CPCB and the PMB will allow organizers of public and municipal procurements to raise their knowledge about the procurement area, thereby promoting their operational efficiency.

Whereas entrepreneurs will have a chance to expand their knowledge about their rights in order to be able to successfully use the cooperation opportunities allowed by the law, to defend their interests, if the law is violated by another company, and to avoid law infringements due to lack of knowledge.

During the seminar, experts of the CC, CPCB and CMB will discuss the following topics:

 Bid-rigging features or risks in public procurements; Competition law for fair entrepreneurship; Aspects of fair competition in public procurement procedures; Forms of manifestation and risks of corruption in procurement procedures.