A significant publication has been added to the range of literature on international competition policy and law – a collection of articles “Eleanor M.Fox. Liber Amicorum. Antitrust Ambassador to the World”. One of the articles in the book written by the former Chairman of the Competition Council of Latvia, Skaidrīte Ābrama, analyses Professor Fox's contribution to solving issues important to competition policy and the environment in Latvia.

Eleanor Fox, a professor at the New York Institute of Law, is one of the world’s most outstanding researcher in the field of competition policy. For more than 60 years her work has influenced development of many international competition ideas. The professor's research topics cover a wide range of issues – distortive state interference in competition, competition and reduction of inequalities, competition and gender equality, independence of competition authorities, convergence and divergence of US and EU competition policies, competition policy issues and solutions in developing countries, etc. "Undoubtedly one of the most beloved and brightest personalities in the international competition’s community. An intellectual avant-garde..." – this is what has been said about Eleanor Fox said in the introduction of the book.

This book, Liber Amicorum, is about Professor Fox's "friends" dedication to the work of an outstanding scientist, an analysis of the viability of her ideas and a look at current competition challenges such as the development of digital platforms, health inequalities, inequality and populism. The authors cover all continents geographically, as do Professor Fox’s work, and include world-renowned researchers and practitioners of competition law. One of the author of the book is Skaidrīte Ābrama, the former Chairman of the Competition Council of Latvia. In her article she evaluates, among other things, Professor Fox’s role in identifying and implementing the principle of competition neutrality in the Competition Law system of Latvia.

The book “Eleanor M.Fox. Liber Amicorum. Antitrust Ambassador to the World” is available in paper and electronic format: https://www.concurrences.com/en/all-books/eleanor-m-fox-liber-amicorum.