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The CC fines Undertakings for Bid Rigging in Medical Procurements

On 10 December, The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia fined two undertakings – SIA Optika un Diagnostika and SIA Arbor Medical Korporācija – for coordinating tenders in a total of six different procurements of medical equipment for medical treatment facilities. The fine was set in the amount of respectively 6440 EUR and 59 670 EUR.

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Conference on Competition Assessment gathers Decision Makers from Public Bodies

On 2 December, the Competition Council (CC) in cooperation with the State Chancellery organised a conference “Pro-competitive Public Administration: Contribution to Economic Development” to raise awareness of the competition assessment to decision-makers of the state bodies and local municipalities. In the opening speech Ms Dana Reizniece-Ozola, the m...

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Conference on Fair Cooperation between Retailers and Suppliers

At a conference on 27 November, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia brought together suppliers, retailers and law enforcers in order to discuss upcoming changes regarding the newly adopted Law on Prohibition to Use Unfair Retail Practices. During the conference, the CC explained the main concepts of the law and presented guidelines for law implementation, whil...

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Competition Council invites to the Conference on Competition Assessment

The Competition Council of Latvia in cooperation with the State Chancellery of Latvia invites decision-makers of the state and local municipalities to the conference “Pro-competitive Public Administration: Contribution to Economic Development”, to be held in Riga, the capital of Latvia, on 2 December. In the context of the Competition Council’s...

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The CC publishes Merger Notification Drafting Guidelines

The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia has developed Merger Notification Drafting Guidelines to improve the merger notification procedure, as well as for businesses to clear and ease the process of preparing the merger notification. The current merger notification review practice of the CC and multiple businesses’ surveys show that for entrepreneurs it is...

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The Competition Law Enforcement in Latvia marks its 23rd anniversary

Today, on 12 November, it is the 23rd anniversary of the protection of competition in Latvia. The competition law in Latvia can be divided in several historic stages. After Latvia regained its independence, a new law was adopted and the Monopoly Monitoring Committee was founded. In times when the free market economy and its underlying private property...

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Lawyers’ Forum to discuss Competition Topicalities

On 16 October, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia hosted the third Lawyers’ Forum –annual discussion between representatives of the Latvian competition authority and law offices. During the forum, experts and lawyers who otherwise meet at more formal context, discussed topical issues in application of the competition law, as well as mutually in an open conversation searched for the solutions...

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The CC Clears Purchase of SIA Rīgas piensaimnieks

On 25 September, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia cleared Meridian Capital CIS Fund purchase of SIA Rīgas piensaimnieks. In the decision, the competition authority foresees that such merger will not to distort competition and will develop export capacity and increase the purchase of raw milk in Latvia.

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Court agrees with the Competition Authority to fine the National Gas Supplier

On 2 September, the Administrative Regional Court confirmed the Competition Council’s (CC) decision to impose the only natural gas supplier in Latvia – AS „Latvijas Gāze” – remedies to change the practice of debt collection and a fine in the amount of 2.2 million euros for abusing the dominant position.

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Competition Authority warns 15 Undertakings

In the first half of 2015, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia has issued warnings to 15 undertakings under suspicion of breach of the Competition Law. Most warnings have been issued to tenderers of public procurements, thus once again proving that procurements in Latvia still is an area most exposed to competition distortions. The CC can issue a warning inst...

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Latvian Competition Authority launches Draft Merger Guidelines

In August 2015, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia launched to the public consultation the draft version of the merger guidelines. Merger guidelines are to ease to merger participants fulfil all requirements for submitting a complete merger notification. As the CC has concluded during its experience of merger review and multiple surveys carried out to identif...

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Competition Authority fines 11 Tenderers of Logging Procurement

On 14 July, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia took a decision to fine 11 undertakings for coordinating their tenders with one or several other tenderer in a public procurement of timber preparation. For such actions, the fine was imposed in the total amount of EUR 70 003.44. The prohibited information exchange was carri...

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Video: Nobody gains from a Cartel

The Competition Council of Latvia launches a video to promote competition culture and to raise awareness of market participants and the society about the competition law. The video takes a close look at the most severe competition infringement – cartel. It gives a brief explanation on why coordinated activities o...

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Competition Authority analyses Cooperation of Food Retailers

The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia has concluded sector inquiry into the market of cooperation networks/purchasing associations of food retailers. Within the inquiry, the CC analysed the competition situation and identified problems that have to be averted by retailers by the start of 2016 when a new Unfair Retail Practice Prohibition Law enters into force. 

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State Authorities: Funeral Service Industry Needs to be Reformed

The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia together with the Consumer Rights Protection Centre (CRCP) and the State Revenue Service (SRS) conclude that the market of funeral services lacks a regulatory framework, therefore the competition is distorted and consumers are adversely affected. The CC, the CRCP and the SRS suggest consumers to carefully evaluate service components and prices, and recommend responsibl...

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