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National Gas Supplier pays a EUR 2.2 million fine

Latvian national gas supplier AS Latvijas Gāze has paid a EUR 2.2 million fine as the Supreme Court upheld the decision by the Latvian Competition Council (the CC). In 2013, the CC...

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The Supreme Court of Latvia rejects a third party claim to require the CC punishment for potential merger participants

On 14 September, the Supreme Court of Latvia has rejected an appeal from SIA BMS-Baltijas Marketing Serviss (the BMS) and confirmed that a third party does not have subjective rights to require the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) to propose a violation case of non-notified mergers, impose fines and an obligation to submit a merger notification. In...

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The Competition Council of Latvia participates at the Open Doors day

On 30 September, the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) together with the Ministry of Economics of Latvia (the MoE) and the Consumer Rights Protection Centre of Latvia (the CRPC) welcomed school students from Riga and Salacgrīvas municipality, as well as other visitors interested in getting an insight into the work all three government institutions. During th...

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The CC fines Medical Equipment Traders for collusive Behaviour in Public Procurements

On 8 September, the Competition Council (the CC) fined two medical equipment traders SIA OPTIKA&DENTIKA and SIA KJ SERVISS for participating in a cartel agreement in four public procurements. Due to the violation of the Competition Law, both undertakings were imposed with a fine in the total amount of almost EUR 80&rsq...

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Mr Ivars Kassalis appointed as Council Member

Today, on 20 September, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia appointed Mr Ivars Kassalis as the new Member Council of the Latvian Competition Council (the CC). The competition commission recognized Mr Kassalis as the most qualified candidate for the position, highlighting his professional knowledge, the previous experience in inter...

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The Competition Council welcomes Representatives of the Moldavian Competition Authority

On 19 and 20 September, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia welcomes eight delegates from the Moldavian competition authority. During the study visit, representatives of the CC will introduce the foreign delegates with Latvian Competition law and its application in practice, the most common signs of prohibited agreements within public procurements, as well as with human rights issues concerning gathering...

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Supreme Court of Latvia agrees with the Competition Authority to fine the National Gas Supplier

On 14th September 2016, the Supreme Court confirmed the Competition Council’s of Latvia (the CC) decision to impose the only natural gas supplier in Latvia – AS „Latvijas Gāze” – remedies to change the practice of debt collection and a fine in the amount of 2.2 million euros for abusing the dominant position.

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During first six months the Competition Council warns 17 Undertakings

During first six months of 2016 the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia has issued warnings to 17 undertakings, an association, including nine individuals, and a public authority under suspicion of breach of the Competition Law. These warnings are an effective procedure that allows to prevent an alleged prohibited agreement and competition distortions promptly, avoiding spending valuable resources for all pa...

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The Competition Council of Latvia Awarded 3-Star Rating by the Global Competition Review 2016

The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia for the second time has been awarded 3-star rating in the annual ranking of the World’s top competition authorities, by the Global Competition Review (GCR). The factors contributing to the CC’s rating include a significant progress in the detection of competition infringements during the past...

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The Competition Council of Latvia Fines Three Companies for Collusive Bidding by Contractors

On 8 July 2016, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia has fined three companies – SIA CO Sistēmas, SIA SAN B, and SIA Talsu spriegums – for rigging a public tenders. Companies were found to coordinate their tenders in five procurements of water infrastructure development services in regions of Talsi and Kuldīga. The CC imposed a fine in total of 163 002 EUR to al...

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The Competition Council has published its Annual Report for 2015

The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia has published its Annual Report 2015, which looks back on the work undertaken during the year and the progress made by the professional, responsible and united work of our colleagues. During the year 2015, the CC adopted a total of 39 decision...

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The CC finds Unreasonably High Fees for the Entrance of a Bus Terminal

On 25 May, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia imposed a fine in the amount of 4026.53 EUR and legal obligation on SIA Rēzeknes autoosta, which is an operator of a regional bus terminal in Rēzekne. The CC found that the infringer has abused its dominant position and has charged excessive fees from bus carriers for the entrance of the terminal.

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Saeima passes Amendments to the Competition Law

On 12 May, Latvian Parliament – Saeima – adopted in final reading amendments to the Competition Law that significantly modernizes competition protection in Latvia. Amendments to the Competition Law provides the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia with rights to improve the effectiveness of its operation, prioritising cases and assessing whether an off...

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The CC: Public Procurements of Construction lack Control by Commissioning Authorities

The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia has concluded a sector inquiry to analyse co-operation forms of construction merchants within public procurements. The competition authority concludes that information included in tenders is rather formal, while control over performers of construction work by commissioning authorities – insufficient. The current regul...

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Entrepreneurs evaluate Positively the CC’s Examination of Mergers

The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia has summarized entrepreneurs’ and lawyers’ evaluation of the merger control implemented by the CC and the existing regulatory framework in Latvia. Conclusions from the evaluation allowed the CC to identify the most significant difficulties respondents face while drafting merger notifications. In 2014 and 2015, t...

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