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The CC invites to play roles of cartelists and honest entrepreneurs

On 29 June in Cēsis the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) invited visitors of widely known Latvian conversation festival “LAMPA” to take part in exciting strategic roleplay “Cartel”, where participants had a chance to step into shoes of honest and dishonest entrepreneurs. The purpose of this roleplay was to use an attractive approach to educate the participants about – car...

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The CC educates the defence sector about the high bid-rigging risk in procurements

The Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) in a seminar educates representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the State Centre for Defence Military Objects and Procurement (VAMOIC) about alleged prohibited agreements or bid-rigging in public procurements, which is one of the most severe infringements of the competition law. The defence sector has been under sup...

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Court: parent companies may be responsible for competition infringements of subsidiary companies

On 17  May, the Supreme Court adopted the decision, pursuant to which it is stipulated in the competition law of Latvia that parent companies may bear joint responsibility for infringements of competition law committed by subsidiary companies. That means that also in the future in cases of competition infringements the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) will be entitled to impose responsibility upo...

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The main topic of the 15th Baltic Competition Conference – competition distortions by public administrative bodies

On 15-16 May, the 15th Baltic Competition Conference takes place in Riga, which is an annual experience exchange event of competition supervisory authorities of three neighbouring countries. In this year, among the most significant competition law application topics particular attention will be paid to competition distortions caused by public administrative bodies – state and local municipalities &nda...

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The CC publishes guidelines of the Leniency Programme

The Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) has developed guidelines of the Leniency Programme, which gives a possibility to companies involved in cartel agreements to report infringements to the CC. If a company submits and application for the Leniency Programme, it can obtain full exemption from a fine or reduction of fine, as well as exemption from one year prohibition to participate in procurements.

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The CC warns the security sector about the high bid-rigging risk

In this year, the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) has warned five security companies for alleged prohibited agreements in public procurements. To reduce bid-rigging risk in the future, the CC in cooperation with the Procurement Monitoring Bureau (PMB) in a seminar has also educated representatives of security companies, including from two associations of the sector.

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The CC imposes a fine on SIA “ZAAO” for abuse of market power

On 21 March, the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC), imposed a fine of EUR 36 665 on the waste management company SIA “ZAAO”, owned by several municipalities, for abuse of dominant position.  The CC detected, that the waste manager has imposed groundless cooperation conditions on its customers and has applied different fees for identical services.

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Study by the CC: residents of Latvia have difficulties to acquire reimbursed medicines

The Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) has concluded a survey of residents of Latvia on availability of reimbursed medicines in Latvia, which was conducted within the framework of market surveillance by the authority concerning distribution of reimbursed medicines and related potential competition restrictions. The obtained data shows, that more than 60% of...

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The CC imposes a fine on retailers' cooperation manager and partner for application of unfair sanctions

On 9 March, the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) adopted a decision to impose a fine on SIA “Baltstor”, manager of Mego and Vesko brands, and SIA “Lenoka”, partner operating in the retailers' cooperation of SIA “Baltstor”, for systematic unfair and groundless application of sanctions to suppliers. This is the first decision, where the CC detects an infringement...

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The CC has imposed fines on 20 companies in the total amount of 10.1 million euros in the last year

In 2017, the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) detected four prohibited agreements in activities of 20 companies and imposed fines in the total amount of 10.1 million euros. The CC issued five warnings to 15 persons for involvement in infringements concerning prohibited agreements of a smaller scale, whereas non-conformities of several companies to the principles of fair competition were solved th...

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The CC achieves exclusion of competition restricting standards from regulations on employment

After provided opinions and discussions about groundless competition restrictions in the draft regulations on promotion of employment and raising qualification of unemployed persons, prepared by the Ministry of Welfare, the Competition Council of Latvia (the CC) has achieved, that standards, which restrict the circle of potential service providers (educational institutions), are not adopted in regulatory en...

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The CC continues to educate procurement organizers and applicants in 2018

In order to provide knowledge necessary for efficient operation of the state and municipalities, and for fair growth of entrepreneurship and safe operation on the market, the Competition Council collectively with the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau and the Procurement Monitoring Bureau will continue education of public procurement organizers and applicants...

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The Competition Council in 2018 will strengthen the Authority, Competition law and Competition culture

The Competition Council (CC) has developed work priorities of the authority for 2018. The most important priorities will include promoting understanding of market participants and public persons about free and fair competition, establishment and prevention of the most severe infringements of competition, as well as strengthening of the capacity of the CC by attracting professional employees.

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The CC: milk production in Latvia has low efficiency

In order to discuss the situation on the market due to the rapid decrease of procurement prices of raw milk, the Competition Council (CC) met with the representatives of the dairy industry - cooperatives, processors and retailers - on 22 January. Although participants of the meeting showed different opinion about the current situation in the dairy market, it is to be established that the procurement prices...

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Organizers of public procurements can spot bid-rigging features faster than others

The Competition Council draws attention to the possibilities of procurement organizers to be the first to spot suspicious coincidences in tenders of applicants, which may indicate to possible prohibited agreements of companies. In such cases it is significant for procurement organizers not to be indifferent and report about such suspicious coincidences to the Competition Council.

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