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Supreme Court Upholds the Decision on Abuse of Dominant Position by Telecommunication Company

With the decision of 5 May 2009 the Senator Collegium of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate of the Supreme Court has dismissed legal proceedings concerning the 17 July 2002 decision of the Competition Council (CC) on fining Lattelecom Ltd. for abuse of dominant position in the market of telecommunication line renting. As this decision can not be appealed and thus CC's decision has become final an...

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The Sixth Annual Regional/Baltic Competition Conference

On 28 – 29 May 2009 Competition Council of Latvia hosted the Sixth Annual Regional/Baltic Competition Conference, devoted to ex-post evaluation of competition policy enforcement. This event has brought together participants from competition authorities of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Sweden. Conference was organized within the framework of the Twining Light project "Further economic research and...

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Computer Wholesaler Fined for Minimal Resale Price Fixing

On 14 May 2009 Competition Council of Latvia (CC) adopted a decision on establishing a prohibited agreement in activities of MOBILUX Ltd. by fixing minimal resale prices for the M-LUX computers it produces. CC imposed a fine on Mobilux Ltd. in the amount of € 4 473. Violation was detected while carrying out an inquiry of electronic household appliance market...

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Fines and Legal Obligations Imposed on Freeport of Riga for Abuse of Dominant Position

Competition Council (CC) has adopted a decision on imposing a fine in the amount of € 64 029 and legal obligations on Freeport Riga Authority for abuse of dominant position that hindered competition in the market of towboat services in freeport of Riga. After purchasing its own towboats and starting its economic activity in the market of towboat services in...

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Conclusions about the Bread Sector Inquiry

The Competition Council of Latvia (CC) has summarised its conclusions about the bread market supervision provided during 2008. The aim of this supervision was to evaluate the competition situation in the bread market and to analyse pricing mechanism, by evaluation of balance of forces among market participants in this relevant market. In frameworks of this supervision in bread ma...

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The Competition Council Comes to Agreement with SIA „Preses Serviss"

On 4 February 2009, after receiving of written pledge from the company SIA „Preses Serviss" ("Press Service" - PS) to fulfil its legal obligations preventing from negative impact on competition, caused by its illegal activities, the Competition Council (CC) has adopted decision to dismiss case investigation on violation of prohibition of abuse of dominant position in actions of SIA „Preses Servi...

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Information about the Amendments to the Competition Law

1. New provision in Competition Law: dominant position in retail trade Amendments to the Competition Law, Article 13 Such market participant or several market participants who, considering its (their) buying power and suppliers dependence in relevant market, is able directly or indirectly apply or impose unfair and unjustifi...

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The Competition Council Imposes Penalty on AKKA/LAA for Abuse of Dominant Position

On 1 December 2008 the Competition Council of Latvia (CC) has adopted decision on Latvian collective copyright management association AKKA/LAA (“Copyright and Communication Consulting Agency/Latvian Authors Society”) - to impose fines in amount of 11 134 LVL and the legal obligation to dismiss the detected violations for abuse of dominant position by applying unfair royalty tariffs for pub...

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