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Ten Years of Competition Policy Enforcement since Accession to European Union

1 May 2014 marks ten years since Latvia joined the European Union (EU). In the view of the Competition Council (CC), the cooperation within the European Competition Network (ECN), the mutual exchanges of experience among ECN members and expanded opportunities to detect infringements have been the most important benefits for the enforcement of competition policy.

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Competition Council hosts Second Lawyers' Forum

On 25 April, 2014, the second Lawyers' Forum was organized by the Competition Council (CC) of Republic of Latvia. The forum serves as a platform for discussion among specialists of the CC and representatives of law firms specialising in competition law. It was dedicated to current problems of competition law, exchange of experience between lawyers and representatives of the CC, and the search for new ways t...

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Low Price as main Criterion in choosing Television Operator

At the end March 2014, the conclusions of a survey on the rating, availability and substitutability of five specialised-content international television channels in Latvia have been published.  This survey which was conducted by ResearchCube in the second half of January, was commissioned by the Competition Council of Latvia (CC) to gather informat...

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The Competition Council launches Inquiry into Supply of Information Systems to Public Authorities

The Competition Council (CC) started an inquiry into the supply of information systems to public authorities. The CC intends to examine whether competition restrictions in the related markets of development and maintenance of database and information systems may impact competition in the sector concerned. The CC’s decision to open this secto...

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The Competition Council concludes sector inquiry into the market of drugs of circulatory system

The Competition Council (CC) has concluded sector inquiry into the market of realization of circulatory systems’ drugs. Within it, the CC analysed the structure and trends of the market, evaluated influencing factors of pricing, and availability and mutual effect of original and generic drugs. Although the manufacturing level of drugs of heart and circulato...

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Amendments to Latvian Competition Law planned

In January 2014, ministries and stakeholders concluded discussions on amendments to the Competition Law of the Republic of Latvia. The amendments will now be laid down in concrete terms before their submission to the Cabinet of Ministers. Those amendments should render the Latvian Competition Law more efficient and optimize and improve the operation of the Competition Council of Latvia (CC)....

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The Competition Council fines operator of the national database of public transportation for abusing its dominant position

In the late 2013, the Competition Council (CC) of the Republic of Latvia took a decision to fine SIA „Transporta telemātikas sistēmas”, the operator of the national database of public transportation, for abusing its monopoly and delaying market entry of competing ticket cash registers.  SIA &bdqu...

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The Competition Council sets to change the practice of debt collection of AS „Latvijas Gāze”

AS „Latvijas Gāze” as the only natural gas supplier in Latvia has abused its dominant position in the market by refusing to conclude natural gas vendor contracts with new clients before debts accumulated by previous clients were paid, stated the Competition Council (CC). In order to restore the conditions of fair competition, the CC imposed AS „Latvijas Gā...

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The competition and corruption supervisory authorities launch enhanced cooperation

The Competition Council (CC) of the Republic of Latvia and the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, called KNAB, have agreed on active cooperation through joint inspections and common informative events, in order to be more efficient on the use of the resources of both authorities. Public procurements is a field with high risks of corruption, as well as of bid rigging; num...

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New Member of the Competition Council appointed

On 7 January 2014, Jānis Račko, former executive director of the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia, was appointed as Member of the Competition Council by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia. Mr Račko has been working at the CC since 2001. From 2003 to 2006 he was head of the CC Legal Department. Since 2006, he has performed the duties of...

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The Competition Council concludes Sector Inquiry into Milk Production and Processing

In late 2013, the Competition Council of Latvia (CC) concluded a sector inquiry into the market of milk production and processing. As part of the inquiry, the CC evaluated the level of competition after the merger of two large enterprises - AS ‘Rīgas piena kombināts’ (RPK) and AS ‘Valmieras piens’ (VP). The CC scrutinized...

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Competition Council fines 26 construction companies for participation in a cartel

On June 17, the Competition Council (CC) took a decision to fine 26 construction companies for bid rigging altogether in more than 300 procurements of electro-construction works. The total fine was set at the amount of 2 862 188 EUR (2 011 557 LVL). As a result of this cartel, competition was distorted in 316 procurements organised by state ow...

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The CC fines collective copyright management association for excessive pricing

On 2 April the Competition Council of Latvia (CC) adopted a decision to fine the collective copyright management association AKKA/LAA for abuse of dominant position. Royalty tariffs for music airplay in retail spaces and customer service areas set by AKKA/LAA to small and medium business in Latvia were substantially higher than equivalent tariffs not only in the neighbouring Lithuania and Estonia, but also...

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The Competition Council Fines Retail Chain for Abuse of its Market Power

On 14 December 2012, the Competition Council adopted a decision to fine AS Drogas which is the largest retail chain in the sector of health, beauty and household goods retail in Latvia. It was established that AS Drogas had abused its dominant position in retail trade against a dependant wholesaler SIA Euro Cosmetics and thus had contributed to the latter's insolvency.

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Binding Obligations set to Merger of Broadcasting Companies

On 11 May 2012 the Competition Council (CC) adopted a decision to approve proposed merger of MTG Broadcasting AB (MTG) and AS Latvijas Neatkarīgā Televīzija – owners of the two leading private TV channels with Latvian language content (TV3 and LNT). To prevent the possible harm to the competition in relevant markets, the merger has been cleared with binding obligations.

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