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The Competition Council Publishes Priorities for 2015

The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia has set its goals for the year 2015, prioritising ruthless fight against the most severe competition infringements, active promotion of the competition culture within society, as well as strengthening the capacity of the competition authority. This year, the CC will actively focus on promoting the competition culture in Latv...

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The CC Fines Dealers of Volkswagen for 7.6 Million Euros

On 15 December, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia imposed fines to official dealers and importer of Volkswagen cars in Latvia for taking part in a cartel. For at least five years undertakings systematically coordinated their participation in procurements, therefore distorting offers and denying opportunities to clients of Volkswagen to purchase such c...

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The CC fines State owned Postal Service Provider

On 3 December, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia fined postal service provider of Latvia – VAS „Latvijas Pasts” – for abusing its dominant position and discriminating competitors of its subsidiary undertaking SIA „Mailmaster”. The fine imposed to VAS „Latvijas Pasts” was set in the amount of EUR 12 000. Un...

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No Competition Infringements detected during the Euro Introduction in Latvia

Concluding the active period of the euro introduction in Latvia and collecting data of sector inquiries carried out by the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia, the CC states that recent introduction of euro currency within the Latvian market has not been accompanied by competition infringements. During the euro introduction, it can be difficult for consumers to follow price change...

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Leniency Notice to disclose a Cartel Scheme within Public Procurements

On 24 October, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia has found that two construction companies operated in a bid rigging. The investigation was carried out based on a Leniency notice submitted by one of the cartel participants, therefore the very undertaking received immunity from fine for revealing the existence of the cartel to the CC. The fine was set to the other cartel participant, as well as its init...

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Fine imposed to the National Association of Latvian Shipbrokers and Shipping Agents

On 8 September, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia fined the National Association of Latvian Shipbrokers and Shipping Agents (NALSA) for setting a minimal or fixed price for services of shipping agents. For the prohibited agreement the NALSA was imposed with a fine in the amount of EUR 715.35. During the investigation, the CC...

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The Competition Council fines AS „KIA Auto”

On 7 August, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia took a decision to fine AS „KIA Auto” for restricting car owners to perform repairs and maintenance not covered by warranty at independent services and to install spare parts of other manufacturers than KIA for a period more than 10 years. A fine was imposed on AS „KIA

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The Competition Council fines Two Construction Project Developers

On 31 July, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia took a decision to fine two construction project developers – SIA „Sliežu transportbūve” and SIA „Komforta standarts” – for bid rigging. Both undertakings exchanged business data while participating in procurements of water development projects in the administrative municipality of Salacgrīva. The fine wa...

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The Court Upholds the Decision on Prohibited Agreement within a General Partnership

On 20 June the Supreme Court of Latvia issued a judgement to uphold the decision by the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia which made a distinction between permitted business cooperation and a prohibited agreement under the guise of a general partnership. After the court’s judgement, the CC’s decision, adopted on 4 November, 2011, to fine five constru...

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The CC to lead the Session of the Intergovernmental Group of Experts

From 8 – 10 July in Geneva the 14th Session of Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Competition Law and Policy will take place. The session will be led by Ms Skaidrīte Ābrama, the chairwoman of the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia. The 14th Session will focus on the following topics: benefit of competition policy for consumers, inf...

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Latvian Entrepreneurs are Passive to Assess Competitive Situation in their Industries

After summarising a survey, launched in April and May, 2014, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia concluded that entrepreneurs are rather passive in assessing problems related to the competition in their industries. Meanwhile, those who did provide with an insight into their industries helped the CC to identify a number of competition challenges, to which the CC has already focused on or plans to address...

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The Competition Council launches Public Consultation on Case Prioritisation Strategy

The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia has developed and put out for public consultation a draft strategy of case prioritisation on 10 June 2014. The strategy sets out general principles and specific criteria on how to set operational priorities in order to focus the resources of the CC on the effective protection of the public interest and the promotion of consumers’ welfare.

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A Settlement to avert a Violation of the Competition Law

On 2 June 2014, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia took a decision to fine the Latvian Leasing Association (LLA) for a prohibited agreement among its members. To avert the violation, for the first time in the history of the CC the settlement during the investigation was applied. Before closing the investigation, the LLA pleaded guilty to the violation, commit...

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Annual Report 2013 of the Competition Council

The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia has published its Annual Report 2013, within which the information on topicalities and the most substantial events in the field of the competition is provided. Further, the Report provides a retrospect to results of the operation and management of the CC, as well as operational priorities for the year 2014. During the year 2...

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The Competition Council Assessed an Influence of Franchise Agreements to the Competition into the Fuel Market

The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia concluded a sector inquiry into the market of fuel franchise agreements. The aim of the sector inquiry was to obtain the information on franchise agreements of the largest fuel dealers in Latvia, to assess the cooperation and its influence on the competition between a franchisor and a franchisee into the fuel market. Althoug...

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