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CC creates Public Benefits 52 Times Higher than its Funding

The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia has summarized its operational results of 2015, as well as for the first time in its history has estimated financial influence from the averted and prevented competitive harm. The calculation shows that over the past three years the CC has created benefits averagely in the amount of 51 million per year. Thus, each euro from the state budget for the CC’s operation...

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Facts and Conclusions on the Competition Protection in Latvia of 2015

The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia has gathered operational results and the most significant conclusions on the competition supervision in Latvia of year 2015. Overall, in 2015, the CC disclosed eight competition law infringements, for which 29 undertakings were imposed with fines in the total amount of 1 042 440 EUR. During the last year, fines in the amount of 1 052 03...

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Priority for 2016: Equal Competition as both Private and Public Responsibility

According to the analysis of the results of last year’s work and to market topicalities in Latvia and worldwide, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia has set its priorities for 2016. Among other significant priorities the CC has named taking actions against market distortion...

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The CC points at Competition Restrictions within the Taxi Service Market

The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia repeatedly calls for the Riga City Council to ensure principles of the fair competition within its regulation of providing the taxi services in the Old Town of the capital of Latvia, Riga. As for now, the municipality issues licences to carriers who offer taxi services in Riga. The licence is valid for providing services wit...

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The CC fines Seven Loggers for Bid Rigging

On 14 December, the Competition Council (CC) imposed a fine in the total amount of 59 425 EUR on seven logging undertakings for operating a cartel in the state owned forest property and management company AS Latvijas valsts meži organized procurements. Tenders for two procurements in one of the forestries (Austrumvidzemes mežaismniecība) u...

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The CC through Advocacy timely prevents Anti-competitive Amendments to VAT Law

The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia through competition advocacy prevented anticompetitive amendments to Latvia’s Value Added Tax Law (VAT Law). Draft amendments were discriminatory to private companies – organizers of cultural events – and therefore risked to restrict the competition and to hinder organization of commercial cultural events in the future.

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The Amount of Interchange Fee in Latvia reduces for 4 Million Euros after Banks Avert a Competition Law Infringement

The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia has concluded a sector inquiry into the market of payment cards. The main conclusion of the inquiry is that the amount of interchange fee in Latvia has reduced for 4 million Euros after the CC took a decision to fine banks for a prohibited agreement. In 2011, the CC

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The CC fines Two Hardware Suppliers for Bid Rigging

On 16 December, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia took a decision to fine two hardwire suppliers SIA Expert Digital and SIA SIA Hannu Digital for a cartel agreement in a public procurement. The fine was set in a total amount of 11 573 EUR. Both cartel participants submitt...

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The CC fines Undertakings for Bid Rigging in Medical Procurements

On 10 December, The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia fined two undertakings – SIA Optika un Diagnostika and SIA Arbor Medical Korporācija – for coordinating tenders in a total of six different procurements of medical equipment for medical treatment facilities. The fine was set in the amount of respectively 6440 EUR and 59 670 EUR.

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Conference on Competition Assessment gathers Decision Makers from Public Bodies

On 2 December, the Competition Council (CC) in cooperation with the State Chancellery organised a conference “Pro-competitive Public Administration: Contribution to Economic Development” to raise awareness of the competition assessment to decision-makers of the state bodies and local municipalities. In the opening speech Ms Dana Reizniece-Ozola, the m...

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Conference on Fair Cooperation between Retailers and Suppliers

At a conference on 27 November, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia brought together suppliers, retailers and law enforcers in order to discuss upcoming changes regarding the newly adopted Law on Prohibition to Use Unfair Retail Practices. During the conference, the CC explained the main concepts of the law and presented guidelines for law implementation, whil...

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Competition Council invites to the Conference on Competition Assessment

The Competition Council of Latvia in cooperation with the State Chancellery of Latvia invites decision-makers of the state and local municipalities to the conference “Pro-competitive Public Administration: Contribution to Economic Development”, to be held in Riga, the capital of Latvia, on 2 December. In the context of the Competition Council’s...

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The CC publishes Merger Notification Drafting Guidelines

The Competition Council (CC) of Latvia has developed Merger Notification Drafting Guidelines to improve the merger notification procedure, as well as for businesses to clear and ease the process of preparing the merger notification. The current merger notification review practice of the CC and multiple businesses’ surveys show that for entrepreneurs it is...

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The Competition Law Enforcement in Latvia marks its 23rd anniversary

Today, on 12 November, it is the 23rd anniversary of the protection of competition in Latvia. The competition law in Latvia can be divided in several historic stages. After Latvia regained its independence, a new law was adopted and the Monopoly Monitoring Committee was founded. In times when the free market economy and its underlying private property...

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Lawyers’ Forum to discuss Competition Topicalities

On 16 October, the Competition Council (CC) of Latvia hosted the third Lawyers’ Forum –annual discussion between representatives of the Latvian competition authority and law offices. During the forum, experts and lawyers who otherwise meet at more formal context, discussed topical issues in application of the competition law, as well as mutually in an open conversation searched for the solutions...

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